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  • electrical flanged Ball Valve
    electrical flanged Ball Valve
    Product name:Electric  Ball Valve


    1. Fluid resistance is small, the ball valve is the smallest fluid resistance of all valves, even shrink diameter ball valve, its fluid resistance also is fairly small.

    2. Thrust bearings reduce stem friction torque, can make stem long-term operating balance flexible.

    3. Seat sealing performance is good, adopt PTFE etc material made of seal, can make easy to structure seal and the ball valve's seal ability with the advent of media pressure increase,

    4. Stem sealing is reliable, because stem just do rotation without lifting movement, so stem packing seal was not easy damage, and sealing ability with the advent of media pressure add increase.

    5. Because of PTFE etc material has good self- lubricity, with the sphere friction losses small, help ball valve long service life.


    Q941F/PPL type pneumatic ball valve is a corner for 90 ° Rotation type valves, good sealing, flow coefficient is big, flow resistance coefficient small, simple structure, long used life and easy to repair. With cylinder type actuator, ball valve include of single function and double function of two type. Products are widely used in chemical, petroleum, light textile, electricity, food, pharmacy, refrigeration, papermaking industry system control.


    Technical specification

    Design reference: GB

    Design standard: GB/12237

    Face To face: Wafer connecting GB/12221

    Connecting Flange Size: GB/9113\JB/T79

    Test & inspection : JB/T9002

    Note: The structural length and connecting flange size of ball valve

    Series can be designed and manufactured as users' requirements.


    Materials of main parts:

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